An Energy Efficient Company.

Energy Efficient Company
From day one Entratech has always considered energy usage comfort and global impact. Even in our first building built in 1989, we used 100% floor coverage of foam insulation, not only does this save energy it enhances employee comfort. We found an upgrade R30 insulation package for our ceilings, use high efficiency furnaces, ERV air filtration technology as well as LED lighting for (plant office & parking lots).

See below for energy efficient applications:
High Efficiency heating and AC package units
High Efficiency heating and AC package units installed.
36 KW Generator stand by power
36 KW Generator stand installed by the power units.
High Efficiency heating & cooling
High Efficiency heating & cooling interior set up.
Walls insulation 6-8 inches extra
Walls include up to 6-8 inches of extra insulation.
10 inch insulation with vapor barrier
10 inch insulation included with a vapor barrier.
2 inches of fiberglass cross the perlins
2 inches of fiberglass separate sheathing across the perlins, creating a thermal barrior.
foam insulating facility
From the first ground breaking in 1989 to the latest edition, Entratech has always believed in energy conservation. Shown here is a 1 inch thick foam, insulating the entire facility. Studies by DuPont find both a comfort and energy savings with only a four year ROI!
zoned lighting
At Entratech we zone all of our lighting so workers need only to use the lighting and intensity as needed. Zoned lighting conserves energy and is a good practice for all, at work and at home. We recently completed our LED plant lighting conversion from 520 T florescent lamps to 100% LED. When heat removal load is factored in the savings on energy is close to 68%.
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